Spatial Reconstruction

Problem:  You have been assigned to select a venue and develop a site plan for a corporate or non-profit event.  You have a budget, but it’s certainly not unlimited.  In fact, you plan to come in under budget and receive raving praise from your boss (who will probably take credit for your efforts).

Where do you begin?  You could spend countless hours visiting dozens of potential venues in your area.  Some of these suit your needs, but may not inspire you.  Others are captivating, but not large enough.  Still others are fantastic, but they’re priced accordingly.  You brainstorm for alternatives.  You have access to a space…but it’s just that–space; Four walls and a roof, zero ambiance.

This is where we come in.

Client:  Martin Truex Jr. Foundation

Event:  Catwalk for a Cause

Annual Fundraiser

Solution:  Utilize existing warehouse space

We helped transform vacant warehouse space into an elegant reception and eclectic fashion show.

Martin Truex Jr Racing warehouse 1


2011 Catwalk for a Cause